There is an energy crisis in the world. We must use the natural energy to fulfill our necessities. Solar power is the best solution for this.
The Sun is free ubiquitous source of energy. The sun is indispensable element for life on earth. It stores enormous energy potential .Demand of power is soaring & traditional

  sources, such as burning of fossil fuels causing serious damage to the environment of the earth. .

Harnessing solar energy in two ways –

Heat - Thermal solar energy and

Sunlight - Photovoltaic solar energy.


Advantage of solar system :


Solar PV power generation does not produce noise, toxic gases or polluting emissions. PV plant generates energy for over 25 years. PV modules are easy to install. It required minimum maintains. Solar PV energy helps to generate the security of human kinds electricity supply.

In PV systems solar lanterns, home light systems, street light, power generator, water pumping, hording, blinkers, traffic signals and so many applications.

Solar thermal systems like water heaters, parabolic and box type cookers, solar air conditioning system, solar hot air system and so many applications.

Use Solar Energy & Save Earth
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